Our Commitment to Health and Safety Practices

CWW has made it a top priority to provide the best health and safety practices to the team of 200 and growing. The 2016 record was outstanding for health and safety, and has paved the way for continuous opportunities for more health and safety programs. 

Health and Safety starts with great training programs and an ongoing commitment from supervisors and all on-field employees. This upcoming year, CWW will be continuing their commitment by offering all employees’ hands-on training as well as several courses, such as the confined-space safety program displayed in the photo. 

As seen, all supervisors, managers and field technicians learn together, ultimately building teamwork skills and creating a full understanding of health and safety practices. The excellent health and safety practices provided at CWW are a full commitment and make for a stronger, united team and top-quality services to all clients.

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Headquartered in Ottawa and serving Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Clean Water Works is one of the nation’s foremost sewer rehabilitation companies. We serve contractors, homeowners and governments, as well as customers across the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Our skilled professionals rely on time- and field-proven engineering methodologies to complete every project. They earn the confidence and trust of our valued customers by demonstrating a singular commitment to:

Improving the performance, and sustaining the longevity of sewer infrastructures at significantly less cost and with minimal disruption using state-of-the art cured-in-place pipe trenchless technologies.

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