No One Stands Alone
Clean Water Works is proud to give of itself wherever it can. We earnestly believe that doing so is a way of acknowledging and paying tribute to the freedom we enjoy and the opportunity we have to follow our dreams. We make regular donations to the Make a Wish Foundation and sponsor several local community events in partnership with organizations and associations such as the National Capital Heavy Construction Association.

We thank the various community and national foundations and for their committed and honourable efforts – and we are proud to participate in the various the regional, national and international organizations of which we are members.

CWW’s memberships include:

Comprehensive. Reliable. Innovative.

Headquartered in Ottawa and serving Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Clean Water Works is one of the nation’s foremost sewer rehabilitation companies. We serve contractors, homeowners and governments, as well as customers across the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Our skilled professionals rely on time- and field-proven engineering methodologies to complete every project. They earn the confidence and trust of our valued customers by demonstrating a singular commitment to:

Improving the performance, and sustaining the longevity of sewer infrastructures at significantly less cost and with minimal disruption using state-of-the art cured-in-place pipe trenchless technologies.

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