Advanced Fleet

For the Toughest Jobs.
Clean Water Works operates and maintains a comprehensive fleet of fully equipped and technologically advanced specialty vehicles. Additionally, our 30 years of pipeline rehabilitation experience have given us the expertise to fabricate our own proprietary equipment as the need arises.

Our fleet includes CCTV units with state-of-the-art DVD imaging technology equipment. Our advanced fleet trucks are custom designed to our own high-efficiency specifications, and our vacuum trucks are equipped with up to 5300cfm blowers, contain 27-inch Hg. 1500 gallon capacity fresh water tanks, 12–15 cubic yard capacity debris tanks, 152mm diameter liquid decant valves, 320 degree rotation booms with 3.28m extensions, and 980,000 BTU hot water heaters for trusted and reliable all-weather operation.

Our fleet also includes cutter units, grouting units, and a wide range of equipment including a broad range of nozzles, hoses and reamers to clean sewers, remove debris and eliminate extraneous protruding objects. As needed, we can deploy our advanced equipment for your specific requirements.

Under the guidance of our fleet manager, our in-house mechanics maintain and service the CWW fleet on a daily basis, so you can count on us to provide maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

Our fleet includes:

  • CCTV & Cutter Units
  • Swabbing Units
  • Combo Units
  • Hydro Vacuum Excavators
  • Steamer Units
  • Boiler Units
  • Tractor and Refrigerated Units for resin-impregnated liner transportation
  • Winch Van Units
  • Utility Van Units
  • Service & Plumbing Units
  • Pumps and Bypass Equipment
  • Stone Slinger
  • Haz-mat Spill Response Trucks
  • Wet Vacuum Trucks
  • Water Tanker (up to 7000 gallons)
  • Water Truck
  • Roll-Off Truck (20 y bins)
  • Loader
  • 4WD Rubber Tire Backhoe Units
  • Compressor & generators (900cfm/10kw)
  • Mobile Mechanic

Comprehensive. Reliable. Innovative.

Headquartered in Ottawa and serving Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Clean Water Works is one of the nation’s foremost sewer rehabilitation companies. We serve contractors, homeowners and governments, as well as customers across the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Our skilled professionals rely on time- and field-proven engineering methodologies to complete every project. They earn the confidence and trust of our valued customers by demonstrating a singular commitment to:

Improving the performance, and sustaining the longevity of sewer infrastructures at significantly less cost and with minimal disruption using state-of-the art cured-in-place pipe trenchless technologies.

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