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Clean Water Works (CWW) is a full service environmental company, on call 24 hours day for emergency response. We have a group of consultants offering environmental services which consists of hazardous waste disposal services, remediation services such as tank cleaning, contaminated soil, and lagoon cleanings.

CWW also provides fully integrated plumbing and sewer services to real estate development firms, general contractors, property management organizations, utilities, telecommunications, dining establishments, and companies in the construction industry including those customers involved in the development of roads, highway construction and reconstruction.

Veteran Leadership. Unequalled Credibility.
Clean Water Works was founded in 2005 by John D. Brule. After establishing Ottawa’s SewerMatic and serving as the company’s CEO, John found himself yearning for another challenge: creating a new company that would eclipse the industry standard. With 30 years of industry knowledge and market leadership on his resume – and one of the nation’s leading sewer service specialists by his side – John incorporated CWW, and entered the field of pipeline services.

Timely Response. Exacting Precision.
Although regular business hours are more often than not the order of the day for the world at large, sewer problems don’t operate on schedules. They happen when they happen. Timely response is therefore critical, and CWW stands ready. Our skilled and accountable work crews will rapidly and reliably rectify any plumbing or sewer problem at any time of the day, any day of the week.

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We are so proud of the work that we have done for our customers that we would be pleased to provide detailed references for any of the services we have provided. Contact us for details.

Comprehensive. Reliable. Innovative.

Headquartered in Ottawa and serving Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Clean Water Works is one of the nation’s foremost sewer rehabilitation companies. We serve contractors, homeowners and governments, as well as customers across the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Our skilled professionals rely on time- and field-proven engineering methodologies to complete every project. They earn the confidence and trust of our valued customers by demonstrating a singular commitment to:

Improving the performance, and sustaining the longevity of sewer infrastructures at significantly less cost and with minimal disruption using state-of-the art cured-in-place pipe trenchless technologies.

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